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Nokia 5800 Phone Memory Full

Posted in My Life, Nokia by kurohide on 29/05/2010

Couple days ago, I’ve got this error messege from my friend’s Nokia 5800 phone. It say “Phone memory (C:) Full”, so then you can’t simply save or do something with your phone memory. When I check my phone memory status, it’s on remaining 84 KB!! 😀 (if your SMS setting are set to phone memory then can’t receive any SMS any more 😀 ) Okey, after surf n search…I found that, many 5800 user are also experiencing the same thing, maybe it’s the 5800 bug (I don’t know) but here I give you some solution of this problem. I decide to write this post using English, hope can share the solution for more people 🙂 here we go..

Here the some easy step to reclaim your phone memory :

  1. Check your phone memory status, see how many free space remaining.
  2. Delete any known large attachments from Messaging and/or Nokia Messaging. Also delete any bluetooth attachment via SMS.
  3. Delete any direct downloads you’ve done.
  4. Remove any trial or unused applications you’ve installed to Internal/phone memory.
  5. Download Y-Browser, then Install to your phone (install to your memory stick if your phone memory couldn’t).
  6. Open Y-Browser, browse to C:\system\cache\ . Delete any file in this folder, you can simply use ‘Mark All’ then Delete (on my problem, I got more than 7000 file!)
  7. Still at Y-Browser, then browse to C:\system\temp\ . Delete any file in this folder too.
  8. Okey, then go to step 1, see how many free space remaining now. If all the step done, you’ll have more free space now 😀

Here the more extreme step to reclaim your phone memory :

After you’ve doing all the easy step up there, there are few more step, but more extreme hehehehe 😀 you’ll hard reset you phone memory back to factory setting, all your non standard phone memory installed application will remove.

  1. Backup all your non standard phone memory installed application if possible, so after hard reset you can install it again.
  2. Go into File Manager. You’ll find this in the ‘Applications’ folder. Note the current free disk space on ‘C’ (often labelled ‘Phone memory’).
  3. Double-tap on ‘Backup’ and check that ‘Backup contents’ is set to ‘All’.
  4. Use ‘Options | Back up now’ to do a backup (to card). You can say ‘Yes’ to the prompt about overwriting a previous backup, if applicable.
  5. When finished (the backup takes a couple of minutes to run), go to the dial pad (on the home screen) and tap out *#7370# the ‘hard reset’ sequence for S60 phones. Effectively, this completely wipes the C disk and forces the Operating System to start its system folders from scratch. Your phone will restart as part of this sequence and note that the startup will take a bit longer than usual.
  6. Once restarted, go back to File Manager, to check free space on disk C again (about 88MB, but this will vary according to the exact 5800 variant you own).
  7. Tap on ‘Backup’ again, but then tap on ‘Options | Restore’.
  8. Check all the content boxes and then tap on ‘OK’. Wait while your data, settings and applications are restored from the backup.
  9. Restart the Phone.
  10. Go back into ‘File Mgr’ and you should see that you now have significantly more free disk space on ‘C’.

Here is the end of the sharing, there are 2 solution. But in my opinion for the some simplify reason, you can just use easy step to reclaim your free memory, everytime you need. Have a nice day!

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